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The Cat's Miao
$ 3300 $ 4000
BLACK CAT CAFE & BAKERY 195 MAIN ST SHARON SPRINGS NY 13459 OPEN Thurs-Mon 10-3 closed Tues/Wed 518-284-2575 or text 518-944-3834

Orange Flower Water, Lebanese

$ 500 $ 900

  • Product of Lebanon
  • Aromatic Distillation of Fresh orange flowers 
  • Very Distinctive Flavor used heavily in Persian and middle eastern Cuisines
  • Use for Baqlawa and other sweets 
  • Try in Lemonade and teas
  • 10 oz. Bottle

Interestingly, Orange flower water, or orange blossom water, is a clear aromatic by-product of the distillation of fresh bitter-orange blossoms for their essential oil. 

is pleasantly bitter, like orange peel, but intensely aromatic, and it is thus often used sparingly. While occasionally used in savory dishes, it's more frequently used in sweets such as baklava, the Lebanese rice pudding riz bi haleeb, Moroccan ktefa, and French madeleines and gibassier.

It can be an alluring substitute for vanilla  or combined with vanilla in other desserts, too.